Increase your sales and revenue

Sell your tickets online, through the virtual box office 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Sell from any device
Take advantage of the momentum or initial interest of your audience and close the sale by offering a virtual box office that can be accessed through any browser and compatible device.
Set up ticket advanced options if your event requires it
Easily set tickets with activities, whether they're included or with additional cost; they can be workshops, visits, conferences, dinners, parties, and even promotional items.
Accept multiple payment methods
Receive cash payments, credit card, debit card, bank deposit or transfer, convenience store payment, etc.
Handle your own currency
Receive payments in Mexican Pesos, US Dollars, Argentine Pesos, Bolivian boliviano, Canadian Dollars, Chilean Pesos, Colombian Pesos, Costa Rican Colons, Cuban Pesos, Dominican Pesos, Euros, Guatemalan quetzals, Honduran lempiras, Haitian gourde, Nicaraguan córdobas, Soles, Paraguayan guaraníes, Uruguayan peso, Venezuelan bolívar, etc.

Design your event box office in minutes

Set the registration form just like you want it!
Add predefined and custom fields to your registration form, depending on your needs.
Serve attendees in person
Use the express box office that allows you to quickly register the type of ticket, its additional options and payment.
Offer private tickets
Set up private tickets that are not visible at the public box office. They can be accessed from the express box office and can be offered through promotion codes.
Easily integrate the image of your event
Automatically customizes the electronic ticket with your logo, colors and data, as well as the badges and certificates, showing a professional image to your attendees.

Immediately receive the money from your attendees

With us, you don't have to wait weeks until your event ends to receive the revenue from your sales.
We don't touch your income money
Relax! Your money is safe and we will never hold it. Receive participants' payments directly through your own bank account or through any of the affiliated payment gateways.
Easily receive payments from international attendees
By using any of the affiliated payment gateways, the purchase amount is adjusted to the exchange rate based on the buyer's currency.
The widest range of payment methods
We work with the most prestigious international payment gateways on the market, ensuring that your credit card information is protected. You can accept payments with credit cards, debit cards, banks and cash.
Save time managing payments
Use recommended payment gateways to authorize payments automatically, so you won't need to verify each payment's amount, date, etc. They just let you know if it was authorized or rejected.
Start selling tickets TODAY!
You only pay a fixed fee for the tickets you plan to sell.
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