Ticketopolis Live

With Ticketopolis Live you protect your virtual or hybrid event, whether it is live or on demand. The live stream is broadcasted inside our platform, and only one person can join for each authorized ticket. Forget about attendees sharing the live stream link! You have the control.

Support for events streamed on external platforms

With Ticketopolis you can sell tickets online and automate integration with the most important streaming platforms: Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet, Gloogle Classroom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, HubSpot, Vimeo, Webex, ZoHo CRM, Blue Jeans, Skype, etc.


We redefine the pricing scheme in the ticket industry: the selling price of your tickets does not affect the cost of the service. This is our philosophy, and that's why we're the only ones who charge a fixed fee for every ticket sold.
Also, you receive payments directly from your assistants. Unlike others, we don't hold back or touch your money at any time.

Numbered seats

If you want, you can allow your attendees to choose their preferred seats in the venue. Numbered tickets help you to encourage early purchases by offering better seats, and to take care of a healthy distance between your attendees. It is very easy to use and there are no additional charges for the service.

New normal

Do you organize face-to-face or hybrid events? The challenge of ensuring the hygiene and health of attendees is a must in venues, auditoriums, lounges, hotels, restaurants or places of mass concentration of people. Aware of this situation, we offer you the latest in access control products with remote body temperature detection, of international quality, that will allow you to detect risks quickly, proactively and without the need for physical contact. With our platform you can also apply the survey dictated by the health protocol and have control of the maximum capacity allowed.

All kinds of events

With Ticketopolis you can sell tickets for a small workshop, a theater season, a complex congress, a concert, and for a large festival. The software is highly customizable, and it adapts to your event and its needs, either they're face-to-face, virtual or hybrid.

Line-free control

Facilitates and controls access to your event with the integration of any barcode reader, and detects any attempted fraud by scanning entry tickets.

Reliable infrastructure

In Ticketopolis we take care of the technical part so you can focus on growing your event.
We use the latest in cloud technology, develop the best in software, and take special care of security to give you peace of mind that our service will be available when you need it.

We've been there, so we understand what you need

More than 15 years of experience support us.

Start selling tickets TODAY!
You only pay a fixed fee for the tickets you plan to sell.
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