December 27, 2017 to January 4, 2018

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Team Allocation Policy

  1.   We will release a list of all institutions that have been recorded on the team tab of the past three WUDC (Dutch, Thessaloniki, Malaysia): a. The number of breaking teams will include breaking teams in all three breaks. b. Israeli institutions will have the average of their breaking teams at Dutch, Thessaloniki, and Chennai. 
  2. Institutions will have 2 weeks to submit their requests for teams, judges, and observers. After the time has expired, a list of institutions that submit requests will be made for consideration in future allocation periods. 
  3. Four Brackets will be created (sorted first by break average, and then randomly):a. Break average of 1.5 or higher. b. Break average between 0.0 and 1.5. c. Break average of 0.0 that has attended any of the past three WUDC. d. Break average of 0.0 that has not attended any of the past three WUDC.
  4. During the first and second round of allocations, 410 team spots will be allocated on the following basis until the team cap is exhausted: a. All institutions applying will receive one team. b. Bracket A and B institutions receive their second team. c. Bracket C institutions receive their second team. d. Bracket A institutions receive their third team. e. Bracket B and C institutions receive their third team, f. Brackets  A, B, C and D receive an additional team in the order of their average break rank. 
  5. On the third round on July 12, the remaining 30 team spots will be allocated with special attention to: a. Universities that may have missed the deadline due to unawareness of the Tournament. b. Teams that have recently obtained financing or are newly formed.



Institutional adjudicators

We will continue to enforce the 'n-1 judging requirement'. In other words, if an institution sends 2 teams, they are required to send 1 judge; if an institution sends 1 team, they are not required to send any judges. 

Institutions can register for an additional number of judges, and will be taken into consideration after the completion of the registration process to consider availability to accommodate more institutional adjudicators. 



Institutions can register a maximun of 3 observers. Requests at a later date will be taken into consideration pending availability. 



The agreed deadlines on our policy and those agreed with our financial will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with these can result in the following consequences: a. Teams that go unconfirmed after 72 hours will be reallocated to institutions on the waiting list. b. All deadlines are set at 23:59 CST. Proof of payment should be received by this time. 



Failure to meet the deadline will result in a surcharge of 10% on the amount owed by the time of the deadline. 



If an institution cannot pay on the deadline, they can request an extension to and The request must include institution name, proposed deadline extension and a detailed description for the request. Extensions should be requested with at least two weeks of anticipation in order to consider your case. 




For questions on registration, please contact 

For questions on finance, contact

For other inquiries, we encourage you to contact us on our social media pages.